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Its business scope covers the development, design and manufacturing of precision molds

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Always implement institutionalized management。

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Have the design and production of multi station progressive die.

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In the spirit of technological innovation, integrity, the pursuit of excellence, customer faith.


Wuxi Ruilang Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuxi ruilang Technology Co., Ltd is a production and processing, business services as one of the limited liability company, the company's main small modulus gear processing, precision mold manufacturing, injection molding processing, precision injection mold precision gear worm. Precision plastic mold, precision gear molds, precision die-casting mold, automatic screw mould, tooling fixtures, precision parts, CNC lathe machining, plastic gear, mold maintenance service is Wuxi renownuv Technology Co. Ltd. the main products.Company approved by the relevant departments of the national register, the main business scope: development, design and manufacture of precision molds, precision injection molding and machining precision parts; small modulus gear shaper and parts processing, mold design and manufacture. The company introduced advanced mold manufacturing equipment, with modern mold design concepts and processing technology. The company's development philosophy: mainly located in Wuxi and the relevant foreign enterprises supporting the production, the company is committed to the foreign-funded enterprises to provide quality products and services.

   Wuxi Technology Co., Ltd. has always implemented the perfect combination of institutionalized management and humanized operation. With the expansion of business, the company has invested in the multi station progressive die design and manufacture of die casting.

   Ranlo depending on the quality of life, the spirit of innovation, the pursuit of excellence, integrity-based, customer supreme faith, strive to become your cooperation partner.

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200ten thousand

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1500ten thousand

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It has been invested in the design and production of multi station progressive die and die casting.

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The company has invested in the design and production of multi station progressive die and die casting.