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The development of precision plastic gear mold industry will become a worldwide trend

Time: 2019-09-02 10:39:46 Copyfrom: Wuxi Ruilang Technology Co., Ltd.

Gears are mainly used to transmit motion and power. At present, plastic gears are mainly used to transmit motion in China, while in the United States, more and more plastic gears are used to transmit power. Luo Baihui, the head of the Mold, Hardware and Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, said that because plastic gears have the advantages of low transmission noise, vibration absorption, self-lubricating, and high mold processing and production efficiency, plastic gears will be used more and more in the gear industry, becoming a worldwide trend.

The mold is the key part in the gear injection molding process. According to Luo Baihui, the application scope of gear die can be roughly divided into three aspects: plastic gear die, powder metallurgy gear die and precision forging bevel gear die. Among them, the demand for plastic gear molds is relatively large. Gear is a relatively precise part, and a small deviation may affect the performance of the whole gear. Plastic gear mold looks simple, but it is actually complex. For example, factors such as gear module, spiral angle size, and hole location determination all affect the design of gear mold. Precision and life are the most important problems in gear die research. At present, the domestic gear mold is still in the primary stage, and generally the plastic gear with small and medium modulus is processed by the mold. However, due to the deformation and shrinkage during the processing of the plastic gear, and the precision change law after the shrinkage, the domestic research is not in-depth at present, which is one of the important reasons restricting the development of precision plastic gear mold.

At present, the middle and low-grade gear molds can be produced in China, while the high-end gear molds are mostly imported. There are few factories specializing in gear molds in China. Most gear factories make gear molds themselves, and gear factories often set up a section or a workshop to undertake this work. In terms of precision forging bevel gears, the bevel gear dies manufactured by Zhuchi, Jiangsu Spaceship, Pacific Precision Forging and other enterprises are relatively good in the gear die industry, and the quality of precision forging bevel gears is also high. In terms of plastic gears, generally speaking, plastic gears and their molds are mainly distributed in two regions. One is Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, where there are more than 340 plastic gear factories, which is also a large production base of plastic gear molds in China; The other is Shenzhen Bao'an, which is mainly a Hong Kong funded enterprise with high product accuracy and mainly used for export.

At present, there is no national standard or ready-made industrial standard for gear mold processing, especially in plastic gear mold. In terms of the essence of standards, they should be divided into technical standards and product standards. Technical standards are more open standards, but product standards are very difficult to do. It is necessary to consider the experimental standards, accuracy standards, test device standards and other aspects of the gear mold. Therefore, the formulation of the standard is not a day's work. It must be based on the expansion of the industry and strong economic strength. When conditions are ripe, the standard will be introduced. Under the National Technical Committee for Die Standardization, there is no special standard for gear dies. This is because for die standard researchers, they are mostly concerned about the condition of the die, while the gear is not their focus. Gear researchers and mold researchers belong to two disciplinary systems, which brings some difficulties to the formulation of relevant standards. Luo Baihui, an expert in the mold industry, believes that the effective way to formulate gear mold standards should consider the cooperation between industry associations, which should establish and unify the standards. Apart from several universities such as Dalian University of Technology and South China University of Technology, which are studying gear molds, there is no special research institute to do this work. It is an urgent task for relevant associations and departments to concentrate the strength of the gear industry and some university research institutions to do some integrated research and cooperation in process equipment, plastic internal deformation laws and other aspects. The establishment of "Small Module Gear Working Committee" is to focus on discussing and solving the problems existing in the production of small module gears. Today, the advanced and complete gear mold standards in the world are the United States. China's gear mold should learn from the American standards and gradually establish its own industrial standards and national standards according to the needs of development. To be specific, it is necessary to upgrade the factory standards of some enterprises that have done well and combine them with advanced foreign standards to become China's industrial standards. In this way, to standardize the market through standards will better promote the development of the industry.

From the perspective of the whole industry, the sound of gear mold is very small and spontaneous, and the establishment of relevant professional associations is just to change this situation. However, the establishment of the association is only a step. Next, it is necessary to carry out statistical analysis of some basic situations in the industry, formulate specifications, and make plans according to the actual situation, so as to reflect the voice of the industry to the relevant departments, promote the adjustment of relevant national industrial policies, and thus promote the development of the domestic precision gear mold industry.

Looking at the current situation of gear dies in China, it can be said that there are mixed feelings. The good news is that the gear mold production has a certain foundation, and the general trend of plastic gear development will bring more market space to the gear mold; The worry is that the level of gear mold production in China is still a long way from the world's advanced level, and under the trend of the great development of the gear industry, especially the plastic gear industry, the domestic response to market changes is not sharp enough, and supporting research is difficult to keep up with market demand.